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Rokform was established in 2014 and specialise in converting Commercial property to Residential in Bristol.

Over the years we have built up a solid team of professionals around us that enable us to act swiftly with acquisitions and also maintain our high success rate for Planning Approvals.

Once permissions are in place we either use our in house Construction company to build the project or we appoint a Main Contractor by going out to Tender.

We are based in Bristol however happy to discuss projects within a 50 mile radius.


We work with a number of private investors who wish to invest short term in to a development for a fixed monthly rate of return. Our investors security and peace of mind is paramount to our relationships.

Our investors will have the 1st Charge security over the property being invested in, they also are shareholders of the SPV that is formed which owns the asset. This level of protection ensures that their cash is safe and the property cannot be sold without them getting paid back first.


We are always searching for our next project, if you have a Property or parcel of Land with or without planning that you wish to sell then please contact us.

We can offer on a conditional or unconditional basis. If you aren’t in a rush we would suggest a conditional agreement, this means we agree a price now which is what we will pay you once the site secures planning permission, we fund all the planning costs and once planning is secured we complete with the purchase. This means you get the increased value with no expense or risk and we reduce our risk by securing planning first, hence able to pay more for the property.


Do you own a property or parcel of land that you feel may have development potential?

Do you own a property or parcel of Land that has planning but you don’t know where to start developing it?

If the answer is yes then we want to speak to you! We would love to meet at the property and talk through your options.